Avoid Scam SEO Consultants and Avail of Genuine Services like Chronistsempelis


The internet has allowed many people to inquire about and avail of different products and services on the internet. A young lady who wants to improve her skin condition may find out about the best beauty products within just a few clicks. A newly promoted professional who was assigned to another city can simply search the web for moving services to help in his relocation. A travel enthusiast can easily find several deals and discounts from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

The internet’s features have encouraged many companies to allow their presence on this much-utilized platform. However, when organizations fail to make their companies appear on the first few pages of the search results as potential customers look for products and services, companies are in for serious concern. When this happens, they should begin to reassess their marketing strategies and consider the incorporation of search engine optimization in their website.

Many SEO consulting firms promise to offer their expert advice, and one of these is chronistsempelis. Such companies can give you the advice you need to boost your search engine visibility, thus increasing the number of visits to your website. When more people visit your website, your brand awareness also improves, further leading to higher sales and profits.

seoHowever, when one is searching for SEO firms with an aim of increasing traffic, he may come across fraud companies that disguise themselves as experts offering affordable services to their clients. One must therefore know how to differentiate scam consultants from the genuine ones. Read on to learn tips to distinguish between the two.

1) Be wary of SEO companies that guarantee No. 1 Ranking

rankingSome companies, especially the ones new to internet marketing, may have encountered self-proclaimed SEO experts who promise deals that are too good to be true. When SEO firms promise you one of the following: “guaranteed #1 ranking on Google”, “guaranteed first page ranking”, or worse, “guaranteed #1 ranking on all search engines” within just a few days then you better pack up your things. Say goodbye to that fake SEO expert and continue with your quest for a real SEO consultant, like us here at chronistsempelis.

2) Beware of SEO companies that send you unsolicited emails

Have you ever received an email from companies that tell you they have found the cure to cancer, discovered the secret to getting a flat tummy overnight, uncovered the ultimate way to earn a thousand dollars a day, or told you that you’re not in the major search engines and directories? Most of the time, these emails come in a lousy layout and contain grammatical errors that will not make you think twice about it being a scam.

3) Avoid the lowest priced SEO consultants

SEO is not an easy task to do; hence, stay away from those firms that promise to do the job for you at extremely low prices.

4) Nay—SEO companies that promise fast results

As we have previously mentioned, SEO is a hard thing to do, but when done right, it can guarantee you desirable results. SEO companies that tell you they can guarantee results in 48 hours or a few days are clearly fooling you. Quick outcomes can be tempting, but you have to stand firm to avoid falling in scam artists’ trap.

What, then, is the realistic timeline for an SEO job to deliver results? SEO is an ongoing promise, but you can start seeing results within four to six months. From then on, expect to see SEO results that continue to grow over time.

5) Cross off those SEO firms that do not have enough references from your list.

Search for what others have to say about their experience with a particular SEO firm. Of course, you cannot just rely on testimonials posted on the firm’s websites, since most of these are expected to be positive or worse, made up. Validate the reviews that you will find online and determine if these are from real or fabricated clients. If you cannot find a decent review from an existent customer, that firm may not have been able to provide a satisfying job to its clients.

6) Choose SEO firms with a long list of experiences

The wrong techniques in SEO can have a long-term damaging effect on your company. Thus, when searching for a firm that will do SEO for you, ask if you can have a copy of all clients it has worked for. Choose those companies with a long list of clients since this may indicate the efficacy of a firm, such as our company, chronistsempelis. Chronistsempelis has been in the SEO industry for over ten years now, and we can guarantee you favorable results and quality service.