Choosing a Cremation Urn 


Experiencing death or loss of a close and loving person in your life is a devastating phase. In times like this, some people do not know how to handle such situation. Despite all the grieving for the person who passed away, the family still has to make arrangements for the funeral. Even if most of the preparations are taken care of by the funeral home, some things still need the opinion of the family. Some of these tasks are deciding on burial or cremation, buying funeral flowers and urns, and inviting guests.

When the family opts for crematory services, the following factors should be considered in choosing a memorial urn:

1.Select an appropriate size of the urn

Finding the right size of the urn is easy. Just remember that for every 1 pound of remains,the required volume area is 1 cubic inch. Consider selecting an urn slightly larger than the computed size.

2.Decide whether the cremation urn will be displayed, stored, or buried

CremationThis is an essential factor in selecting the appropriate urn. If the memorial urn will be displayed inside your home, choose an urn with beautiful and highly decorative designs. On the other hand, if the memorial urn is to be buried or to be displayed outdoors, like in a garden, consider the durability and material of the urn.

3.Decide on the material

Traditional cremation urns are typically made of materials such as bronze, brass, or pewter. Other traditional materials are wood, ceramic, glass, or stone such as granite or marble.

If you are planning to display loved one in your backyard or garden, consider a weatherproof urn so that it can withstand heavy rains and intense winds.

If you are planning to bury the remains of your loved one, consider a biodegradable urn. This is applicable especially if the wish of the deceased to return to the earth. This option is environmental-friendly. Nowadays, biodegradable urns are available which are made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled materials, leaves, tree bark and untreated wood, and other natural materials.

4.Choose the color

Memorial urns can come from wide range of colors. There are urns with plain colors, soft colors, serious colors, stylish colors, and many more. A great way of remembering your departed loved one is picking an urn in his favourite color.

5.Select a design

There are so many design choices for memorial urns. You can choose from a simple cylindrical-shaped urn to intricate designed urns. What’s more is that cremation urns are now available in different themes that fits for your beloved one whether he is partaking in sports, arts, or any other fields.

If your dearly departed played a part in armed services, select an urn design that shows honor and patriotism. You can choose an urn engraved with military flag and insignias.

Moreover, you can even make a memorial urn customized by yourself. You can buy a covered vase or vessel or a stylish box. You can consider putting jewelry,the most common design, and other ornaments as well. You can also use an urn with a display photo of your departed loved one. You can carve it with a poem, a symbol, or a special remembrance.

Also, the ashes can be sealed into a pendant or a locket which can be worn. This way, you can still embrace and feel the presence of your loved one day by day. Due to the large amount of cremation ashes, many accessories can be made and can be distributed with family members and closest people in his life.

6.Decide based on your budget

Ask for estimates before ordering a traditional or custom designed urn. Remember that even if you have a low budget, it does not mean you that have to compromise in the shape, quality, and design of the urn.