How Your Life Can Be Easier by Using Portable Storage Containers


The self-storage industry has a steady growth over the years. Currently, there are over 3,000 different facilities located throughout the country. The conventional style of leasing a space in a fixed location has now a new challenger. These are storage units that we can deliver to your location to load your stuff and then stored in your yard or a separate off-site facility. We want to make it easy for homeowners and help them eliminate clutter as well as their out-of-season items from their garage or home. These containers have several benefits compared to traditional self-storage.


containerCompared to self-storage lockers, our portable storage containers certainly have much more flexibility for many reasons. Firstly, these portable units have a variety of different sizes – you can choose from small containers to full-length cargo shipping containers. Secondly, many of our units have loops or hooks on the wall to allow you to secure your belongings using belts or cords to make sure they are safe while the unit is moving. Then lastly, you can place your container in front of your home or your backyard as long as you want. This way, it will be possible for you to fill the storage container with your stuff over a few days to even more than a week. If you have flexible loading times, it will lessen the chance that your things will get damaged when placed in the portable container.

Minimal Effort

Compared to other storage solutions that you can use outside your home, you will have a much easier time loading and unloading a portable storage container. Our containers can be placed at ground level. Because of this, you do not need to use lifts, ramps, or other tools that are commonly used when placing things on a truck. We can also deliver the moving containers directly to your location. This means it will not be necessary to drive stuff to a fixed storage location. Because the portable containers can be placed just outside your home, you do not need to move down your huge items to twisting paths and hallways that you can find in most self-storage facilities. All of these factors reduce the amount of effort needed to get your stuff out of your home.


portable storage containersOur portable storage containers come with a locking mechanism attached on the outside of the door. You can even use your own personal lock if you want to guarantee your security. This means that you are the only one to have access to the contents of the storage container. You can place your moving container in your courtyard or a storage facility of your choice. This is quite different from a self-storage facility because there could be many people who can have access to the areas where your self-storage locker is located. Storage containers are really secure and you can use it to store your valuable items outside of your home.

Easy Access

We want to make it stress-free and really easy for you to access the contents of your moving containers. When you buy or rent a storage unit from us, you do not have to drive to a self-storage facility, which can be far from your home, just to retrieve your stuff. You can place the rental container right outside your home or simply find a storage company that can manage the container and bring the unit back to your home when you needed it. This can really be convenient in certain areas because there are some people who cannot drive for a long period of time if the storage location is too far.


Because these portable containers are made of durable materials, they will not be beaten by the weather even if you place them outside under harsh weather conditions. This is especially useful if you live in an area where there is lots of snow or rainfall. The exterior part of our portable storage units is made from corrugated steel that has been designed to be completely leak-proof, so all the stuff inside will be protected and dry all the time. The interior part of our storage units are usually made from wood flooring and smooth walls.


What makes these portable storage containers really great is that they are highly customizable. They are spacious enough that you can convert them into a library, supply room, portable office, or even a living quarter. Yes, if you need a new room for your growing family, you can use one of our storage units to have a portable room.

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