Long island real estate – Built as Refuge from a World of Turmoil


Long island real estate give evidence to a time when people searched for a refuge that would give them and their families a place to live in at a suddenly changing world. The industrial era had started, and there was massive migration and immigration in many parts of America.

There was great expansion in science and technology, with the development of central heating as well as elevators, which prompted the development in architecture, including the residential ones. There was the development of numerous factories, which were built in many areas around the states. Population grew dramatically, especially the cities where company towns and tenements were built. In a world that was changing and becoming more revolutionized, the higher class longed to have a home far away from the city, where life was much easier and much more pleasant.

real estateThe Long island real estate follow the styles of the Renaissance, the Romanesque, and the Rococo, which center on the use of columns, arches, cornices, pilasters, and pediments. It also centers on the Beaux style that applies designs that are massive and grandiose, with balconies and balustrades that give a powerful bearing. It uses large arches and grand stairways, with symmetrical façade constructed in stone.

These ancient homes, which were built in the Gilded Age, reflects the owner’s societal class or status, which is evident in the size, the technology, and the design of the mansion. They are strong indications of the owner’s accumulated wealth, as they follow lavish designs and decorations both in the internal and external designs. They made use of materials that were bought from other countries, and even followed certain architectural aspects from other countries, making way for a building that is extensively grandiose and magnificent.

The Long island real estate were built not only as an expression of societal class or status but also as a refuge from a turbulent world.

The Civil War had just ended, and people were desperate about finding a place that was not far from the city, but one that was also not overly populated. They needed to find a place that was quiet and soothing but which was not so far away from the general public.

Long Island was the perfect place for them, making way for vast areas that can be transformed to great homes and mansions of the more elite populace during that time. With this, Long Island became a place where the higher class had built their homes, to make use of their wealth and, at the same time, find a refuge from a turbulent society. Nowadays, more than a century from the time of the Gilded Age, the place is still known as the place of the cream of the crop, where vast ancient mansions are being situated. It is known as the place of the Long island real estate .

The long island real estate usually depicted the styles of architecture that were usually seen in the homes and palaces of European countries.