The Making Of Custom Coins


The first coins were dated back as far as the second millennium BC. It is also believed that the coins were not used for commerce and trade. The coins were believed to be objects used for rituals, celebrations and other gatherings. Others were considered badges and tokens issued by the people in authority. The coins had no standard size and weight. The designs were plain and simple with only few writings or none at all. The shapes of the coins were irregular and rather not uniform. Early coins were made of silver and gold alloys.

As the civilization flourished, the use of the coins also spread throughout the different parts of the world. The rise and fall of many kingdoms saw the evolution of the custom coins. Rulers and authorities of the state directed to mint coins that reflect the contemporary state of the nation. The coins were then made to contain names, insignias and faces of prominent persons of that time. The standard weight and size of the coins were set forth around the 700 BC. About that same time, the coins were largely used in commerce and trade.

The minting of coins grew to become a big industry. The coins were made using a variety of metals. Since its first creation, the coins were made of naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver called electrum. They were further alloyed with the use of copper. Coins that were cast in bronze were also made thousands of years ago. As years passed, the value of the coins increased. More and more coins were made using premium grade metals. Coins were known to be either gold or silver. The value of the metal is the value of the coin.

Today, most of the coins are made of base metals like aluminum, cupro nickel and nickel. The value they represent is higher than the value of the metal. There is also another kind of coin that is especially minted for collectors and investors. The coins are made of precious metals like gold, silver and sometimes platinum and palladium.Custom CoinsThe minting of custom coins became so much easier than ever. They are being minted not to be used as legal tenders but to be used for other purposes. The military and other branches of the armed forces have their own coins that that they give to their members to reflect their unit’s identity. Many companies have created their own coins that they give to their valued employees as a sign of gratitude. Even fraternities and sororities have their own coins to give to their members as a sign of their brotherhood and sisterhood.

Now, everybody can have his own custom coins minted. Different companies, groups and individuals can have their own coins. They can make their own design. They can choose what coin material to use. They have a say on the overall minting process. The coins can be made to show gratification for personal achievements. They can also be given to other people as gifts and souvenirs. For those who have businesses, the custom coins can be given to their loyal customers as tokens. In the field of sports, the coins are also given to athletes as an honor to their excellence.

With the rise of modern technologies, the minting process has still a long way to go and the usage of coins will become even more diverse and exciting. A lot of people today are spending most of their lives in pursuing their dreams. They are working hard more than ever to attain success. The movement of the people will spell the movement of the coins.