What to Look for in a Golf Shoe


Finding a good pair of golf shoes should not be difficult, just as long as one knows what to look for. All the basic factors to consider when buying, like comfort, performance, durability, style, and price are important, but another factor that should also be taken into consideration is the golf course itself where one will be playing golf. It’s better to be familiar with the golf course’s rules, regulations, and facilities. It’s also crucial to consider each course’s landscape, because this may dictate the usefulness of the shoes.

Most golfing clubs nowadays have specific restrictions when it comes to golf shoes. During the earlier years, metal spiked shoes were allowed and were widely used by golf players, but at present, most golf clubs no longer allow this type of shoes. It is because the spikes are not doing any good for the greens. Rubber or soft spikes are allowed, but there are some clubs that only allow spikeless shoes. It’s therefore better to check what types of shoes (spiked/spikeless) your chosen club allows before buying an expensive pair.

Golf shoesWhen buying, one will definitely have a hard time choosing from the wide array of golfing footwear with different styles and designs. Be careful in making your choice because there are golf courses that may not allow you to wear the pair you’ve bought just because it looks more like tennis shoes or basketball shoes than actual golf shoes. You may want to go for the classic shoe style like Oxfords for example, but if you would feel more comfortable with (or simply prefer to go for) the newer and more stylish designs, then it’s your choice. What’s important is the footwear offers excellent performance and comfort.

There are cases where golfing clubs won’t have enough golf carts to accommodate all players and so, players will have to walk from one course to another. In this case, choose a pair of golf shoes that is durable enough to withstand long distances and long hours of walking. The shoes should snugly and comfortably fit to avoid any strain on the feet, especially when walking on slopes.

When playing the game, walking on wet grounds cannot be avoided at times. It’s never comfortable wearing wet shoes, so you might as well go for golf footwear that is waterproof. Leather shoes are obviously a better choice than synthetics. This would make you feel at ease even when walking on wet grass and it would also be easier to wash away the mud and grass after the game without worry of soaking up the shoes.

The price of golfing shoes vary depending on several factors, such as style, design, material, and brand. You get what you pay for, so if you want to play the game wearing a good shoe, then it’s better to invest in one that would cost a bit more rather than spend less on footwear that won’t offer the performance, durability, and style that you need. Most of these shoes are even technologically developed to provide utmost comfort and ease to every golf player.

Top brands of quality golf shoes are all available at online (there are dozens of online stores that specifically cater to golfers). You can choose from various styles and designs offered by leading brands like Nike, Adidas, Footjoy, and others. You can find whatever it is that you are looking for in a golf shoe. You’ll be able to purchase the perfect pair without even leaving your home. Simply put, even though there’s a lot of thinking involved in buying such shoes, the entire endeavor isn’t really difficult.