• Avoid Scam SEO Consultants and Avail of Genuine Services like Chronistsempelis

    The internet has allowed many people to inquire about and avail of different products and services on the internet. A young lady who wants to improve her skin condition may find out about the best beauty products within just a few clicks. A newly promoted professional who was assigned to another city can simply search the web for moving services to help in his relocation. A travel enthusiast can easily find several deals and discounts from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

    The internet’s features have encouraged many companies to allow their presence on this much-utilized platform. However, when organizations fail to make their companies appear on the first few pages of the search results as potential customers look for products and services, companies are in for serious concern. When this happens, they should begin to reassess their marketing strategies and consider the incorporation of search engine optimization in their website.

    Many SEO consulting firms promise to offer their expert advice, and one of these is chronistsempelis. Such companies can give you the advice you need to boost your search engine visibility, thus increasing the number of visits to your website. When more people visit your website, your brand awareness also improves, further leading to higher sales and profits.

    seoHowever, when one is searching for SEO firms with an aim of increasing traffic, he may come across fraud companies that disguise themselves as experts offering affordable services to their clients. One must therefore know how to differentiate scam consultants from the genuine ones. Read on to learn tips to distinguish between the two.

    1) Be wary of SEO companies that guarantee No. 1 Ranking

    rankingSome companies, especially the ones new to internet marketing, may have encountered self-proclaimed SEO experts who promise deals that are too good to be true. When SEO firms promise you one of the following: “guaranteed #1 ranking on Google”, “guaranteed first page ranking”, or worse, “guaranteed #1 ranking on all search engines” within just a few days then you better pack up your things. Say goodbye to that fake SEO expert and continue with your quest for a real SEO consultant, like us here at chronistsempelis.

    2) Beware of SEO companies that send you unsolicited emails

    Have you ever received an email from companies that tell you they have found the cure to cancer, discovered the secret to getting a flat tummy overnight, uncovered the ultimate way to earn a thousand dollars a day, or told you that you’re not in the major search engines and directories? Most of the time, these emails come in a lousy layout and contain grammatical errors that will not make you think twice about it being a scam.

    3) Avoid the lowest priced SEO consultants

    SEO is not an easy task to do; hence, stay away from those firms that promise to do the job for you at extremely low prices.

    4) Nay—SEO companies that promise fast results

    As we have previously mentioned, SEO is a hard thing to do, but when done right, it can guarantee you desirable results. SEO companies that tell you they can guarantee results in 48 hours or a few days are clearly fooling you. Quick outcomes can be tempting, but you have to stand firm to avoid falling in scam artists’ trap.

    What, then, is the realistic timeline for an SEO job to deliver results? SEO is an ongoing promise, but you can start seeing results within four to six months. From then on, expect to see SEO results that continue to grow over time.

    5) Cross off those SEO firms that do not have enough references from your list.

    Search for what others have to say about their experience with a particular SEO firm. Of course, you cannot just rely on testimonials posted on the firm’s websites, since most of these are expected to be positive or worse, made up. Validate the reviews that you will find online and determine if these are from real or fabricated clients. If you cannot find a decent review from an existent customer, that firm may not have been able to provide a satisfying job to its clients.

    6) Choose SEO firms with a long list of experiences

    The wrong techniques in SEO can have a long-term damaging effect on your company. Thus, when searching for a firm that will do SEO for you, ask if you can have a copy of all clients it has worked for. Choose those companies with a long list of clients since this may indicate the efficacy of a firm, such as our company, chronistsempelis. Chronistsempelis has been in the SEO industry for over ten years now, and we can guarantee you favorable results and quality service.

  • How Your Life Can Be Easier by Using Portable Storage Containers

    The self-storage industry has a steady growth over the years. Currently, there are over 3,000 different facilities located throughout the country. The conventional style of leasing a space in a fixed location has now a new challenger. These are storage units that we can deliver to your location to load your stuff and then stored in your yard or a separate off-site facility. We want to make it easy for homeowners and help them eliminate clutter as well as their out-of-season items from their garage or home. These containers have several benefits compared to traditional self-storage.


    containerCompared to self-storage lockers, our portable storage containers certainly have much more flexibility for many reasons. Firstly, these portable units have a variety of different sizes – you can choose from small containers to full-length cargo shipping containers. Secondly, many of our units have loops or hooks on the wall to allow you to secure your belongings using belts or cords to make sure they are safe while the unit is moving. Then lastly, you can place your container in front of your home or your backyard as long as you want. This way, it will be possible for you to fill the storage container with your stuff over a few days to even more than a week. If you have flexible loading times, it will lessen the chance that your things will get damaged when placed in the portable container.

    Minimal Effort

    Compared to other storage solutions that you can use outside your home, you will have a much easier time loading and unloading a portable storage container. Our containers can be placed at ground level. Because of this, you do not need to use lifts, ramps, or other tools that are commonly used when placing things on a truck. We can also deliver the moving containers directly to your location. This means it will not be necessary to drive stuff to a fixed storage location. Because the portable containers can be placed just outside your home, you do not need to move down your huge items to twisting paths and hallways that you can find in most self-storage facilities. All of these factors reduce the amount of effort needed to get your stuff out of your home.


    portable storage containersOur portable storage containers come with a locking mechanism attached on the outside of the door. You can even use your own personal lock if you want to guarantee your security. This means that you are the only one to have access to the contents of the storage container. You can place your moving container in your courtyard or a storage facility of your choice. This is quite different from a self-storage facility because there could be many people who can have access to the areas where your self-storage locker is located. Storage containers are really secure and you can use it to store your valuable items outside of your home.

    Easy Access

    We want to make it stress-free and really easy for you to access the contents of your moving containers. When you buy or rent a storage unit from us, you do not have to drive to a self-storage facility, which can be far from your home, just to retrieve your stuff. You can place the rental container right outside your home or simply find a storage company that can manage the container and bring the unit back to your home when you needed it. This can really be convenient in certain areas because there are some people who cannot drive for a long period of time if the storage location is too far.


    Because these portable containers are made of durable materials, they will not be beaten by the weather even if you place them outside under harsh weather conditions. This is especially useful if you live in an area where there is lots of snow or rainfall. The exterior part of our portable storage units is made from corrugated steel that has been designed to be completely leak-proof, so all the stuff inside will be protected and dry all the time. The interior part of our storage units are usually made from wood flooring and smooth walls.


    What makes these portable storage containers really great is that they are highly customizable. They are spacious enough that you can convert them into a library, supply room, portable office, or even a living quarter. Yes, if you need a new room for your growing family, you can use one of our storage units to have a portable room.

    Author Bio:

    Moveablecontainer providing high quality, painted and mechanically sound portable storage container, They are wind and water tight. We take pride in offering you the highest quality possible at a competitive price.

  • Long island real estate – Built as Refuge from a World of Turmoil

    Long island real estate give evidence to a time when people searched for a refuge that would give them and their families a place to live in at a suddenly changing world. The industrial era had started, and there was massive migration and immigration in many parts of America.

    There was great expansion in science and technology, with the development of central heating as well as elevators, which prompted the development in architecture, including the residential ones. There was the development of numerous factories, which were built in many areas around the states. Population grew dramatically, especially the cities where company towns and tenements were built. In a world that was changing and becoming more revolutionized, the higher class longed to have a home far away from the city, where life was much easier and much more pleasant.

    real estateThe Long island real estate follow the styles of the Renaissance, the Romanesque, and the Rococo, which center on the use of columns, arches, cornices, pilasters, and pediments. It also centers on the Beaux style that applies designs that are massive and grandiose, with balconies and balustrades that give a powerful bearing. It uses large arches and grand stairways, with symmetrical façade constructed in stone.

    These ancient homes, which were built in the Gilded Age, reflects the owner’s societal class or status, which is evident in the size, the technology, and the design of the mansion. They are strong indications of the owner’s accumulated wealth, as they follow lavish designs and decorations both in the internal and external designs. They made use of materials that were bought from other countries, and even followed certain architectural aspects from other countries, making way for a building that is extensively grandiose and magnificent.

    The Long island real estate were built not only as an expression of societal class or status but also as a refuge from a turbulent world.

    The Civil War had just ended, and people were desperate about finding a place that was not far from the city, but one that was also not overly populated. They needed to find a place that was quiet and soothing but which was not so far away from the general public.

    Long Island was the perfect place for them, making way for vast areas that can be transformed to great homes and mansions of the more elite populace during that time. With this, Long Island became a place where the higher class had built their homes, to make use of their wealth and, at the same time, find a refuge from a turbulent society. Nowadays, more than a century from the time of the Gilded Age, the place is still known as the place of the cream of the crop, where vast ancient mansions are being situated. It is known as the place of the Long island real estate .

    The long island real estate usually depicted the styles of architecture that were usually seen in the homes and palaces of European countries.

  • The Making Of Custom Coins

    The first coins were dated back as far as the second millennium BC. It is also believed that the coins were not used for commerce and trade. The coins were believed to be objects used for rituals, celebrations and other gatherings. Others were considered badges and tokens issued by the people in authority. The coins had no standard size and weight. The designs were plain and simple with only few writings or none at all. The shapes of the coins were irregular and rather not uniform. Early coins were made of silver and gold alloys. As the civilization flourished, the use of the coins also spread throughout the different parts of the world. The rise and fall of many kingdoms saw the evolution of the custom coins. Rulers and authorities of the state directed to mint coins that reflect the contemporary state of the nation. The coins were then made to contain names, insignias and faces of prominent persons of that time. The standard weight and size of the coins were set forth around the 700 BC. About that same time, the coins were largely used in commerce and trade. The minting of coins grew to become a big industry. The coins were made using a variety of metals. Since its first creation, the coins were made of naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver called electrum. They were further alloyed with the use of copper. Coins that were cast in bronze were also made thousands of years ago. As years passed, the value of the coins increased. More and more coins were made using premium grade metals. Coins were known to be either gold or silver. The value of the metal is the value of the coin. Today, most of the coins are made of base metals like aluminum, cupro nickel and nickel. The value they represent is higher than the value of the metal. There is also another kind of coin that is especially minted for collectors and investors. The coins are made of precious metals like gold, silver and sometimes platinum and palladium.Custom CoinsThe minting of custom coins became so much easier than ever. They are being minted not to be used as legal tenders but to be used for other purposes. The military and other branches of the armed forces have their own coins that that they give to their members to reflect their unit’s identity. Many companies have created their own coins that they give to their valued employees as a sign of gratitude. Even fraternities and sororities have their own coins to give to their members as a sign of their brotherhood and sisterhood. Now, everybody can have his own custom coins minted. Different companies, groups and individuals can have their own coins. They can make their own design. They can choose what coin material to use. They have a say on the overall minting process. The coins can be made to show gratification for personal achievements. They can also be given to other people as gifts and souvenirs. For those who have businesses, the custom coins can be given to their loyal customers as tokens. In the field of sports, the coins are also given to athletes as an honor to their excellence. With the rise of modern technologies, the minting process has still a long way to go and the usage of coins will become even more diverse and exciting. A lot of people today are spending most of their lives in pursuing their dreams. They are working hard more than ever to attain success. The movement of the people will spell the movement of the coins.

  • Several Ways to Customize Lanyards

    The one feature of lanyards that could probably trump their convenience and usefulness is probably their accessibility. If you are in the market for a lanyard, chances are you can easily find one nearby if you look at the right places. As more and more people are recognizing the lanyard’s versatility and practicality, the demand for lanyards are going up and if demand is going up, suppliers will scramble to offer them in their stores. This is a win-win situation as they are quite easy to make, thus opening up the market for a range of styles that can cater to the varied tastes of people who need a lanyard. If you want the convenience of a lanyard but don’t quite appreciate the designs currently on the market, you are in luck. Lanyards are not only easy to make, but also easy to customize. This is a good option for individuals who would like a sense of identity to be displayed in something they probably wear every day, and it is also a wise choice for organizations who would like to promote their brand to increase exposure in their respective target markets.You can also find more details by visiting www.wholesalelanyards.com. Custom LanyardsIn the past, lanyard design has been stuck in simple monochromatic palettes – black, white, or shades of gray, with a boring logo or pattern. The selection of fabric or material also tends to be limited. Recently, though, there has been a transformation in lanyard making. Lanyards have been seen to ride on current trends from a dizzying array of colors based on pantone matching, to the range of materials that can be used to create the lanyard. The traditional lanyard consists of print on a length of polyester band, but now we also see nylon, woven, dye sublimated, tubular, and even cord-type swatches with differing lengths – to be worn around the neck, wrist, or other applicable body parts. One does not need to be overly creative or artistic to produce a unique, quality lanyard as most suppliers offer free customization services. The design elements that go into making a lanyard are simple enough that you can pick through swatches of material for a few minutes, perhaps add a few pins and trinkets for that added personal touch and wait for your lanyard to be made in almost no time at all. You can also go the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) route and shop around for fabrics and all the bells and whistles you want to go into your lanyard as these items can be easily found in any dollar store or craft supply shop near you. On the other hand, professionals and office workers who wish to use wholesalelanyards in a professional setting tend to be limited in their design choices. As a corporate item, the lanyard has to maintain a certain professional look to help improve the wearer’s image. For this reason, many employees get tired and bored of seeing the same bland lanyard day in, day out. Depending on the nature of your work, you might be able to dress up your lanyard as well, though admittedly not as extensively as you would have if it was for personal use. For instance, if you work for an organization that deals with school-age children on a regular basis, you could spice up your lanyard with brighter colors and child-friendly designs by adding pins, trinkets or stickers. These little details will make you feel more in touch with those you are working with and will definitely add a dash of your personality to the otherwise plain and flat lanyard your office has provided. After all, you wear it practically every day, for long periods of time each day and it would only be fitting to put a little of your character into it instead of wearing it looking like everyone else.

  • Choosing a Cremation Urn 

    Experiencing death or loss of a close and loving person in your life is a devastating phase. In times like this, some people do not know how to handle such situation. Despite all the grieving for the person who passed away, the family still has to make arrangements for the funeral. Even if most of the preparations are taken care of by the funeral home, some things still need the opinion of the family. Some of these tasks are deciding on burial or cremation, buying funeral flowers and urns, and inviting guests. When the family opts for crematory services, the following factors should be considered in choosing a memorial urn:

    1.Select an appropriate size of the urn

    Finding the right size of the urn is easy. Just remember that for every 1 pound of remains,the required volume area is 1 cubic inch. Consider selecting an urn slightly larger than the computed size.

    2.Decide whether the cremation urn will be displayed, stored, or buried

    CremationThis is an essential factor in selecting the appropriate urn. If the memorial urn will be displayed inside your home, choose an urn with beautiful and highly decorative designs. On the other hand, if the memorial urn is to be buried or to be displayed outdoors, like in a garden, consider the durability and material of the urn.

    3.Decide on the material

    Traditional cremation urns are typically made of materials such as bronze, brass, or pewter. Other traditional materials are wood, ceramic, glass, or stone such as granite or marble. If you are planning to display loved one in your backyard or garden, consider a weatherproof urn so that it can withstand heavy rains and intense winds. If you are planning to bury the remains of your loved one, consider a biodegradable urn. This is applicable especially if the wish of the deceased to return to the earth. This option is environmental-friendly. Nowadays, biodegradable urns are available which are made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled materials, leaves, tree bark and untreated wood, and other natural materials.

    4.Choose the color

    Memorial urns can come from wide range of colors. There are urns with plain colors, soft colors, serious colors, stylish colors, and many more. A great way of remembering your departed loved one is picking an urn in his favourite color.

    5.Select a design

    There are so many design choices for memorial urns. You can choose from a simple cylindrical-shaped urn to intricate designed urns. What’s more is that cremation urns are now available in different themes that fits for your beloved one whether he is partaking in sports, arts, or any other fields. If your dearly departed played a part in armed services, select an urn design that shows honor and patriotism. You can choose an urn engraved with military flag and insignias. Moreover, you can even make a memorial urn customized by yourself. You can buy a covered vase or vessel or a stylish box. You can consider putting jewelry,the most common design, and other ornaments as well. You can also use an urn with a display photo of your departed loved one. You can carve it with a poem, a symbol, or a special remembrance. Also, the ashes can be sealed into a pendant or a locket which can be worn. This way, you can still embrace and feel the presence of your loved one day by day. Due to the large amount of cremation ashes, many accessories can be made and can be distributed with family members and closest people in his life.

    6.Decide based on your budget

    Ask for estimates before ordering a traditional or custom designed urn. Remember that even if you have a low budget, it does not mean you that have to compromise in the shape, quality, and design of the urn.

  • What to Look for in a Golf Shoe

    Finding a good pair of golf shoes should not be difficult, just as long as one knows what to look for. All the basic factors to consider when buying, like comfort, performance, durability, style, and price are important, but another factor that should also be taken into consideration is the golf course itself where one will be playing golf. It’s better to be familiar with the golf course’s rules, regulations, and facilities. It’s also crucial to consider each course’s landscape, because this may dictate the usefulness of the shoes.

    Most golfing clubs nowadays have specific restrictions when it comes to golf shoes. During the earlier years, metal spiked shoes were allowed and were widely used by golf players, but at present, most golf clubs no longer allow this type of shoes. It is because the spikes are not doing any good for the greens. Rubber or soft spikes are allowed, but there are some clubs that only allow spikeless shoes. It’s therefore better to check what types of shoes (spiked/spikeless) your chosen club allows before buying an expensive pair.

    Golf shoesWhen buying, one will definitely have a hard time choosing from the wide array of golfing footwear with different styles and designs. Be careful in making your choice because there are golf courses that may not allow you to wear the pair you’ve bought just because it looks more like tennis shoes or basketball shoes than actual golf shoes. You may want to go for the classic shoe style like Oxfords for example, but if you would feel more comfortable with (or simply prefer to go for) the newer and more stylish designs, then it’s your choice. What’s important is the footwear offers excellent performance and comfort.

    There are cases where golfing clubs won’t have enough golf carts to accommodate all players and so, players will have to walk from one course to another. In this case, choose a pair of golf shoes that is durable enough to withstand long distances and long hours of walking. The shoes should snugly and comfortably fit to avoid any strain on the feet, especially when walking on slopes.

    When playing the game, walking on wet grounds cannot be avoided at times. It’s never comfortable wearing wet shoes, so you might as well go for golf footwear that is waterproof. Leather shoes are obviously a better choice than synthetics. This would make you feel at ease even when walking on wet grass and it would also be easier to wash away the mud and grass after the game without worry of soaking up the shoes.

    The price of golfing shoes vary depending on several factors, such as style, design, material, and brand. You get what you pay for, so if you want to play the game wearing a good shoe, then it’s better to invest in one that would cost a bit more rather than spend less on footwear that won’t offer the performance, durability, and style that you need. Most of these shoes are even technologically developed to provide utmost comfort and ease to every golf player.

    Top brands of quality golf shoes are all available at online (there are dozens of online stores that specifically cater to golfers). You can choose from various styles and designs offered by leading brands like Nike, Adidas, Footjoy, and others. You can find whatever it is that you are looking for in a golf shoe. You’ll be able to purchase the perfect pair without even leaving your home. Simply put, even though there’s a lot of thinking involved in buying such shoes, the entire endeavor isn’t really difficult.

  • Perpetual Changes A SEO Service Will Provide To Help Your Site Gain Marketing Leverage

    When it comes to internet marketing, there are a lot of different elements that you need to institute moving forward. If you assume that you’re going to take the world by storm and just create a great deal of market share without implementing a great deal of change, or struggle, you’re going to end up disappointed. Too often, people hire web designers and then go forward with the launch of a great website, only to see themselves struggling to make connections with the right audience. If you find yourself pushing the wrong elements and seeing your market share diminish as a result of the wrong implementation strategy, you’re not alone. There are currently a lot of ways that you can mess up your own marketing, and that’s why you should always look to hire a professional grade SEO service to clean things up.

    A Look At DIY Elements

    No matter what you do in these modern times, you are going to find that someone out there is going to encourage you to go DIY. The acronym stands for do it yourself, and there is no shortage of programs, documents, and information that is provided in the world of this world. You will find that the marketplace will cause you to gain a great deal of leverage if you know how to implement this. The problem is that most people don’t know how to properly divide conjecture and real world implementation ideas. That’s right, too often people chase the wrong elements and that’s a bad thing. You want to chase the right pieces, and that means that you will need to work on a great deal of different elements to make sure that you are able to rank higher within search engines.

    seo serviceThe DIY method is not good at all because you will not have the time that it takes to fully make a commitment to SEO today. If you think that search engine optimization is just a matter of a few things that you put together, then you are going to be missing out on the greater good that can come through with this solution. In fact, most people don’t realize that they should be chasing the right elements of design protocol.

    There are too many people that are looking at the do it yourself world with bright eyes, and by the time they realize that they are in over their heads, they end up hiring a SEO service after all. If you are wits end, then it’s time to stop banging your head against the wall and let a professional grade solution fix things for the better.

    The Evolution of Search Engine Optimization

    There are a lot of different things that become true when you look at the world of search engines. Search engines are changing their minds a lot these days, and if you look at how algorithm shifts have penalized well-meaning websites, then you will realize what is going on overall. You’re going to find that the world of marketing shifts a great deal when dealing with this world of impact. If you are not evolving your strategies to face the changes of the algorithms that are being used for the purpose of ranking, and delivering search results to the end user, you are missing out on the important aspect of marketing.

    Because there are changes that are coming to search engines all the time, you’ll need to hire a service that is going to perpetually change your campaigns to roll with those changes. This is where the average marketer is not going to do well for you. You need to hire someone that has a proven track record of implementation. They will need to focus on the changes that are coming, the existing optimization strategies, and then work on building the authority content of your site. At the end of the day, this is all too much work for just one person, which is another reason why you should not just chase this with a DIY mentality.

    Leveraging The Right Changes

    There are some good changes and some bad changes that you can work within the world of search engine optimization. You will know when a change is bad when you do not see any sort of impact in the numbers. Make sure that no matter what company you hire, you check in on the analytics data of your page. Look to see if they are making an impact and whether or not they are actually working on real world changes. If you find that they are not working on implementing the right pieces, you will see that there will be no change in regards to the numbers.

    Too often, companies are hired to work on search engine optimization and they just keep saying that it takes time. Yes, this all takes time, but there should be a breaking point where traffic is actually rolling in. If it is not rolling in, then it’s imperative to change things and get another SEO service to help. There’s nothing worse than paying someone to help you with implementing the right changes and then getting nothing in terms of a return. Don’t let that happen, do a great deal of due diligence before hiring anyone.

  • SEO Tip: The Proper Way to Build Links

    For many years, link building has been one of the many practices to improve search engine optimization. The old practices of link building include guest blogging, posting links on forum sites, placing links on footers or right rails, infographics, and many more. Although these methods have proven to improve traffic and raise the ranks of some sites in the search engines, it is sad to say that these are, to an extent, not recommended anymore. Most search engines, particularly Google, have recently updated their algorithms to attack such practices and penalize websites that employ them. As a result, instead of ranking high on the SERPs, some sites are no longer included in the list of results.

    Build LinksThis, however, does not mean that link building should be totally abandoned by businesses and webmasters. Besides, link building is actually a form of marketing your product by placing your links to other sites as a way of advertisement. Hence, this strategy cannot be deemed illegal to use. The answer to proper link building lies in the region where it will not be considered as spamming by search engines and you can get there by focusing on building your brand.

    The only reason why search engines are closing in on bad link building practices is that they want to improve their service. When internet users search for something on the web, they want to be able to provide relevant and high quality results so that readers will continue using their engines. However, when links are splattered all over the web and if they direct readers to sites with poor and irrelevant content, the purpose of search engines in providing good results will fail. This is why they will only allow quality links now and that means improving your site.

    It all comes back to your brand. If the search engines see that you are creating links to improve your reputation and not just to win more customers, then they will begin to value your link and your site, and you will not have to worry about being penalize.

    improve websiteTherefore, the first step to link building is improving your site. Ask yourself, would you be proud to share your links with anyone because you know that it will direct them to a good website with great content? Would you be willing to spend money and time to post your link on other sites even if these search engines do not exist? Are you confident that your customers will regard your links as good? If you answer yes to these questions, then you must be more confident that search engines value your links as well.

    Second, be minimal with your link building. If you were used to posting five links to other sites each day, significantly drop that number. Some webmasters only build two to three links a month now to stay away from the radar of search engine crawlers that seek for spam links. Make these few links valuable, though, by placing them in sites that are relevant to your niche and have high daily traffic.

    on guest postsThird, go for citations. Text links on guest posts, especially if excessively done, are not recommended anymore. Instead, find a website or a blog site that is relevant to your niche and is considered an authority in your industry then ask the owner of that site to make an attribution or citation to your site. This way it will look like the owner of that site have high regards to your site. As you can see, this goes back to building your brand’s reputation first and filling your site with quality content.

    Building links nowadays may not be as easy as before, but it is still possible and it can still help with your SEO. You just need to be updated with the changes in search engine algorithms so that you know what practices to avoid. Further, you now need to focus more on quality instead of quantity.