You are currently viewing Windows 10 VPN error – the computer must be trusted for delegation

Windows 10 VPN error – the computer must be trusted for delegation

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If you receive the subjected error while connecting to a Routing and Remote Access VPN from a windows 10 Domain Joined computer you are at right place.The mentioned error will be look like as follows.

The Solution

The full error will be “The requested operation cannot be completed. The computer must be trusted for delegation and the current user account must be configured to allow delegation“. Setting delegation on the user or computer account form Server will be of no help, We have to edit Registry to get rid of this issue. Follow below steps to edit the registry on client problematic computer.

1.Hit windows+R button together to open Run.

2.write “regedit” in Run box and hit enter. Registry dialogue box should be appear on the screen.

3.Navigate to below path in the registry dailouge box.


4.Right Click, create new Dword (32bit) Value, name it ‘ProtectionPolicy’ then edit it to the value of 1.It should make effect immediately, no need to reboot the machine. The creation of “ProtectionPolicy” demonstrated below.

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